Ian Whalley

Skaap Wines

Brand identity and label design for a socially responsible wine by Ian Whalley.


Brand identity and label design for a socially responsible South African wine from the Dutch family Schaap. Schaap/Skaap means sheep in Dutch and Afrikaans.


For every bottle sold the family donate a percentage of the revenue to a charitable foundation they established to help educate, feed and clothe the children of the local village.

To celebrate this worthy approach to wine we decided to use the labels to showcase the work of local township artists. Each wine features a Skaap by a different artist, their art is then promoted and sold at the vineyard and guest house.

 Skaap Wines label artwork – Designed by Ian Whalley

Making of the label art


Rosalie art

I worked with recycled metal artist Godfrey Dambuleni – founder of Cape Town collective Mixed Ideas, to create the 'Skaap' for Rosalie, a Shiraz Reserve. Godfrey and his team source their recycled tin cans from a group of disabled garbage collectors to make their sculptures.


Shiraz art

For the Shiraz label I commissioned scrap metal artists Petros & William Findi. The two brothers work from a old shipping container in the infamous township of Gugulethu. They make a living by creating beautiful animal sculptures from old oil drums. The ‘Skaap’ they created is called 'Hwai Yakasimba' which means strong sheep in Shona.


Nathan art

For Nathan (Red Blend) I commissioned Edward, a topiary artist who works with Andrea's Topiary Creations in Elgin. He created the sheep sculpture from vines stalks harvested on the Skaap vineyard.


Sauvignon Blanc art

For the Sauvignon label I commissioned Jack and his collective of local wire and bead artists who work on a street corner in the local town of Somerset West. The ‘Skaap’ they created for the label is called ‘Gwayana Hwai’ which means little sheep in Shona.


Okuphinki art

For the Okuphinki label I commissioned Random Wire artist Jeff Mwazha who works in the Dunoon Township of Cape Town. He uses recycled wire to create beautiful animal sculptures which he then powder coats in a variety of different colours.


Business cards

To demonstrate Skaap's commitment to supporting and uplifting the local African community we took a different approach to printing their cards. Rather than using their stationery budget to get the cards printed professionally we set up a small community project to print the cards by hand. Creating much needed work for unemployed people in the village.